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Whether it occurs at a music festival or in the hottest nightclub in America, many young adults are getting high on what they believe is pure MDMA. Over the years however, this drug has acquired different names and is now commonly referred to as Ecstasy or Molly by recreational drug users. The MDMA being purchased on the street today has also picked up some dangerous adulterants that in some cases, has changed both the drug's composition and effects. As such, drugs sold as MDMA may contain synthetic cathinone's, cocaine, caffeine or methamphetamine among others.

The clinical name for MDMA is 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is a synthetic, psychoactive substance that has similar properties to amphetamine and mescaline which is a hallucinogen.

MDMA first became popular as a party drug because of its ability to heighten energy levels, distort time and sensory perceptions, produce euphoria and increase feelings of emotional warmth. But in recent years, the use of MDMA has expanded and today includes a broader range of substance abusers. This has also created a greater need for MDMA addiction treatment. Even so, young adults remain the primary demographic that abuse this drug.

Recently there has been a surge in emergency room visits across the country due to MDMA abuse. In fact, according to a report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, the number of young adults being rushed to the ER after using this drug has more than doubled in recent years.

Abuse of MDMA or its derivatives typically occur through oral administration. Part of the danger of the subculture in which this drug is usually introduced and used is high potential for poly drug use. It is not unusual for people using MDMA to also be simultaneously consuming alcohol or other chemical substances. The NIDA reported that gay and bisexual men have indicated that they usually use MDMA with other substances such as cocaine, GHB, methamphetamine, ketamine and Viagra as part of a multiple-drug experience. When consumed in this context, the danger of using MDMA in combination with some or all of these substances increase exponentially.

MDMA AddictionTreatment

Whether you use MDMA solely or in combination with other substances, the adverse effects of this drug can occur rapidly and is always progressive if use is not discontinued. In order to mitigate the risks NIDA Scientists, suggest seeking treatment early for MDMA abuse. Most reputable drug treatment facilities provide around the clock medical oversight during the MDMA detoxification. This enables treatment specialists to alleviate the distress often caused by withdrawal symptoms. Rehabilitation processes that follow the detox process may include among other; cognitive behavioral therapies, peer-led advocacy mediations, individual and group counseling as well as relapse prevention education and training.

Specific MDMA treatment options are usually determined by a number of variables including the severity of the addiction and whether there are any comorbid mental disorders present with the drug abuse. Both residential and outpatient treatment programs have been shown to be effective in helping patient with MDMA dependence or addiction to achieve full recovery and sustainable sobriety.

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