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What is drug inpatient rehab? Drug inpatient rehab, also referred to as residential rehab, is an intensive form of treatment for individuals recovering from substance abuse or addiction. Inpatient rehab requires individuals to commit to living in a residential treatment facility during their treatment. During this phase, clients reside in a facility over a varying period of time and receive several forms of treatment. These treatments are typically a combination of behavioral therapies, activities, and medications (if deemed medically necessary).

During this time, clients are given the opportunity to and actively participate in several types of therapy including group, individual, and family therapy. The drug inpatient rehab programs can typically last anywhere from 28 to 90 days, however, longer stays may be suggested for those who require more long-term treatment. The length of a client's stay in an inpatient drug rehab program, is typically contingent upon the severity of their drug use and drug using behaviors, as well as their current state of health physically and mentally.

What To Expect During Treatment

You can expect to be provided with the opportunity to successfully recover your life from the detriments of addiction. While being given this opportunity, you will be afforded a variety of comprehensive treatments including a medically supervised detox, and treatment (including therapy, structured living, an aftercare plan, etc.). Drug inpatient rehab programs are highly structured and comprised of daily treatments and activities. Your day-to-day schedule will be filled with various activities including individual and group therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, education workshops, group activities and more.

Pros of Drug Inpatient Rehab

There are many pros associated with drug inpatient rehab, with one of the biggest pros being the long lasting results this form of treatment yields. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, remaining in treatment for an adequate amount of time is very critical. Inpatient drug rehab programs allow individuals the time they need to achieve a complete recovery. Some of the pros of drug inpatient rehabs:

  • Around-the-clock supervision and support provided by a team of professionally trained staff
  • Education on relapse prevention
  • Assistance with developing healthy and effective coping skills
  • A safe, distraction-free and substance free environment to recover in
  • Access to therapy services such as group, individual, and family counseling
  • 12-step meetings

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