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Drug Treatment Programs in Rochester, New York

Drug treatment programs are considered one of the most successful ways to help get someone addicted to drugs or alcohol back on the road to recovery. Substance abuse affects people of every race, age group, and educational and income level. At drug treatment centers, their job is not to judge you or your situation, but to come along side and help you through drug detox, therapy and more. They understand you may have questions when it comes to entering one of the numerous drug treatment programs. Let's take a closer look at how drug treatment centers can help you.

The Basics

Programs often consist of a combination of modules such as detoxification, psychotherapeutic sessions, individual or group time with a counselor and other behavioral or pharmacological approaches. Most drug treatment programs are comprehensive and offer an incredible amount of support, all necessary to recovery, as most solo attempts are unsuccessful. At Rochester drug treatment centers, they use wide-ranging techniques that address all aspects of addiction.

These treatment protocols help you form effective strategies and coping skills that can decrease the likelihood of a relapse. Trained therapists will also help you examine what may be the root problem that is fueling your addiction. By better understanding your behaviors that may be contributing to the drug abuse problem, you have a better chance at success in recovery.

Other benefits of drug or alcohol treatment include becoming accountable for one's actions, improving self-esteem and learning motivational techniques. Rehabilitative services also address possible mental illness or mood disorder issues that often contribute to addictive behavior. When individuals recognize and learn how to manage the symptoms associated with these disorders, they are less likely to slip into drug relapse from self-medicating behaviors.

First Steps

All patients receive a thorough evaluation performed by a qualified professional, which will help better understand their unique needs. The information provided better enables them to provide quality care and develop the right treatment plan.

The treatment process may begin with detoxification. While some people experience symptoms of withdrawal during this phase of treatment, medical intervention is given as needed for the patients' comfort and well-being. They provide a safe and secure environment when enrolled in a drug treatment program.

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